WHAT is God???

**Advisory: Not for the Stuffy or Spiritually-Constipated**
[a.k.a. "There she goes again, kicking over Sacred Cows"]

"Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us...So God created human beings IN HIS OWN IMAGE. In the image of God he created them; MALE AND FEMALE he created them." {Genesis 1.26-27}

In our household, we often find one passage of the Bible that we like to unpack for lengthy periods of time. Because Genesis 1.26-27 has been used as a clobber scripture, we've been dissecting this one for a bit.

In Genesis, God made lots of things. But people were to be the "pièce de résistance"-- a perfect replica of the Divine. Both the Male AND female were intended to be exact reproductions and reliable images. Not Male OR Female. Adam and Eve were to be equal expressions of the image of God, a Creator who: 

+Possesses both the masculine and the feminine 
+A Spirit-Being who comprehensively embodies X AND Y structures, man (Heb. zakar) and woman (Heb. neqebah) 
+And at the same time, fluidly supersedes those human bio-classifications (or in the Latin, genitalium figura dicta)

This is why you can see what God looks like when you see a smart woman with kinky black hair. 
You also see what God looks like when you meet a lean Asian man. 

You can see God in the white gender-fluid teen or the Latinx intersex person that you may be picketing.

We are all Xerox copies. And that can be bothersome, because as humans we have a NEED to label/classify/divide.

But as the original passage in Hebrew reads, men AND women are "tselem"-- that is, all humans, regardless of gender, are "representative figures, likenesses and images of the same original."

Wow. Everybody? Yes.

God is so multi-faceted and many-splendored and non-binary that it would blow our minds to examine those genes.

Sure, God is a Good, Good, "Father." And He is referred to as the Heavenly "King". All male terminology, yes. But when I praise Him (and I do, unashamedly) -- I don't see a humongous, bearded Santa-esque white man, sitting on a patriarchal throne of judgment. God is SO much more.

I see beauty. I see softness. I see creativity. 
I see strength. I see protection. I see light.
I see an ocean in the color of Love.
I hear a song in the key of unity.

I pray that we would all see God for who God is,
And not just who we want Him to be.

At the Intersection: Social Justice + Spirituality

At the Intersection: Social Justice + Spirituality

Social justice was never supposed to be solely the work of liberal activists. It has never been a Democratic hippie club, where people from Berkeley (like myself) are granted exclusive entrance. Rather, the work of social justice has been the perpetual assignment of the ancient prophets, the man named Jesus, and should STILL be the driving mission of every Christ-follower who has the courage to walk in compassion.