I + D


As part of our ONE community outreach and social justice programming, we offer I + D Workshops and Team Chats.

  • ONE provides printed resources and other educational materials on inclusion, spiritual affirmation and LGBTQ+ integration to individuals and organizations.

  • We also offer in-house and external workshops. Our leadership team is available to meet with your school group, business, church or non-profit. Are you wondering how to start healthy dialogue within your group, and build bridges between the LGBTQ+ community and those who may underestimate the importance of affirmation and inclusion? We can help.

  • Through Q + A sessions, engaging interactive activities and games, positive motivational talks and honest conversation, we are able offer a valuable perspective on how to love the marginalized and safely foster team diversity.

  • Reach out to us today and find out how ONE can assist you in:

    • Advancing your social justice position.

    • Providing sensitivity training.

    • Expanding your reach and incubating an atmosphere of compassion.

    • Healing places of historical division.

    • And effectively refining your strategy to welcome and include students, co-workers, clients and congregation members of differing backgrounds.

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