Welcome to a community of Bridge-Builders. Unity-lovers. And God-Seekers. 


ONE Mission

In simplicity, we are more than a church, We are ONE! A FULLY affirming spiritual movement across Northwest Arkansas with a mission to help you fulfill your destiny by cultivating a diverse (but unified) Christ-centered community of compassion and social action. The invitation to know God AND make Him known is open to everyone here at ONE Fayetteville, and around the world.

At ONE, you can BE you. BElieve. BELONG. And BEcome.

Social justice is not just the work of liberal activists. It is the perpetual assignment of the ancient prophets, the man named Jesus, and of every Christ-follower who has the courage to walk in acts of compassion.
— Pastor Melissa Harris


To glorify God and affirm the dignity of all of His children, through unified and diversified worship gatherings. We have no agenda other than to amplify the power of love, while reaffirming the heart of Jesus for LGBTQIA+ people, their families and allies.

We aim to maintain a FULLY inclusive, Spirit-Led modern ministry in NW Arkansas (as well as nationally through conferences, workshops and online outreach) that will affirm all people-regardless of ethnicity, identity, denomination or sexual orientation. Our heart is to create positive, healthy conversations surrounding inclusion and unity with organizations, schools, and community members around the region. We believe in equality. Period. 

The foundation of this ministry is rooted in two things: Prayer. And Love. With these values at the center of all we do, we endeavor to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit as we reclaim the heart of Jesus and represent Him accurately in this generation.

Our hearts will be fixed upward and outward. The goal is for our eyes and ears to be turned toward heaven, and our hands devoted to reaching out to the city-- that we may be couriers of healing to the broken, and messengers of love for the lonely.

Actively and consistently engage in outreach, service and the works of social justice, both regionally and nationally.

Establish safe spaces across the region, where EVERYONE is free to worship, pursue the presence of God, and find their purpose in Him.